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Phytochemical profiles and inhibitory effect on free radical-induced human erythrocyte damage of Dracaena draco leaf: a potential novel antioxidant agent. Food Chemistry 2011, 124, 927–934.

Santos﹐ R.P., Mendes﹐ L.S., Silva﹐ B.M., de Pinho﹐ P.G., Valentao﹐ P., Andrade﹐ P.B., Pereira﹐ J.A., Carvalho﹐ M.
  • Selection criteria:
    resin, chemical composition, bioactivity
  • Year:
  • DOI:
    DOI 10.1016/j.foodchem.2010.07.021


prof. Petr Maděra
Department of Forest Botany, Dendrology and Geobiocoenology
faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology
Mendel University in Brno

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